Bible Study

We offer Bible Study every Sunday because we believe¬†it is important for people to receive strength from God’s Word every week. Study lasts about an hour. If you have kids they are more than welcome to sit in or to attend a children’s Bible¬†class which is held as the same time as adult Bible Study. Our Studies are usually a series that covers an entire book of the Bible or a topic. Either way, God’s Word will be applied to your everyday life.

Current Study

Mark Servant Savior

Mark is the most straightforward and the shortest of the four Gospels. It does not focus on Jesus’ words like Matthew and Mark. It does not dive into the depths of Jesus’ wisdom like John. And so for much of church history Mark has taken a back seat to the other Gospels. But Mark focuses on the what of the good news of salvation.

Mark contains more miracle accounts than any other of the gospels. He shows Jesus as our Savior-King primarily by showing him as our Savior-Servant. He shows that Jesus’ might and majesty is hidden in humility. Mark affirms that Jesus proved himself to be our Savior not just by what he taught but also by what he did.

Bible class begins August 14.